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ShirtPrize Finals Time!

It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!

All of a sudden, it’s Sunday. And the good folks at ShirtPrize are letting me know that the voting for the finals is open for one week starting today!

Oh my gosh! I wasn’t prepared!

I need your help! And your friend’s help! And your dog’s help! Anything!

It only takes a minute.  Just go here (that’s and vote for The Cupcakerator!  That’s it! That, and tell anyone you know to vote for me 😉

I promise to give you a fantastic post soon. I’m working on a few lovely things to share with my much loved readers.  And the tweed ride’s in a week! Gah! Where has the time gone?



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It’s a whale of a tale

Heads up, I won my round for ShirtPrize!  Now we just need to show up en masse the first week of October and vote the poo out of my design.

Moving on.  This past weekend was my dear friend Jessica’s birthday! And boy do I love when my friends come to visit.  We had a lovely fancy dinner on our own followed by fireworks and many drinks downtown.

Fancy dinner? Oui!

Fancy dinner? Oui!

I finally got the chance to wear my  own birthday present from a month ago.  It’s an adorable dress from Modcloth.  Man, I love their stuff. I just have no monies with which to purchase it.  Therefore, I really treasure this gift. 🙂

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl!

The birthday girl looked equally impressive.  And I must say it was strange to get shouts from people telling us we were ‘workin it’.  But I like it.  I haven’t seen many people in GR riding in dresses.  I still get excited when I see classy bikes around town.

Cupcakes with Whale

Cupcakes with Whale

Btw, I also made some delectable treats (modesty is not my strong suit).  These little guys are cookies and cream cupcakes.  They were surprisingly light.  And quite tasty. And they had a whale candle. I mean, come on.

PS – I’m quite excited for the Grand Rapids Tweed Ride. And you should be too!

September 17, 2009 at 2:11 am 2 comments

Grand Rapids Tweed Ride (and other things)

Well, fall is fast approaching. And what better way to celebrate the cooler weather and lack of sweating than with a slow paced bike ride about this beautiful city.

tweed ride

So, grab your wool skirts and herringbone and bow ties and head on out here to have a grand time!

The ride will begin at The Winchester and saunter onward throughout this fair city, ending (eventually) at The Hopcat for drinks and general merriment.  All of this takes place on Saturday, October 3rd at 4:00 PM.

Invite your friends! Invite yourself! It’s going to be awesome!

In other, less bikey news, The Cupcakerator is currently in contention to become a T Shirt! And we need your help!!  If you would be so kind as to venture over to Shirtprize and cast your vote for my design, I would be eternally thankful.  And if you could convince some friends to do the same….I just may have to prepare something special.

I’ve never won anything like this before so it would be phenomenal to do well at all.  I’m working on my doodles to incorporate a nice old fashioned bike for my boy Cuppie.  Cross your fingers for me! And don’t forget to come out for the Tweed Ride!

September 8, 2009 at 4:54 pm 14 comments

The Cupcakerator

He will eat. Your cupcakes.

He will eat. Your cupcakes.

This, my dear blog readers, is The Cupcakerator.  Or his lates reincarnation anyway.

He’s my current favorite doodle and the mascot of this here blog.  Yesterday, he thought about cupcakes sooo much that he ended up baking some. In doodle form of course.  He also enjoys riding bikes, just like me!

It’s funny, I don’t consider myself to be talented in the art department.  However, someone must, because my boss sent me a link to enter an art contest of all things.

Perhaps it’s because of this little gem that I created for our company picnic.

om nom nom.

om nom nom.

Well, I’ll enter my lil robot friend.  Maybe he’ll end up on a t-shirt. That would be completely awesome.  I hope you’ll vote for me if I’m entered! (I’ll post a link if I even get nominated.)

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