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I’m Gonna Write You a Letter

Dear Blog,

I’ve been busy lately! And I’ve been less than inclined to write to you, which I’m sorry for.  I realize that you may feel neglected, and I want to remedy this.  This here letter is my first attempt to cheer you up!

See, Blog, a lot has happened lately.  My wonderful boyfriend had to move out of our lovely apartment here and back to Grand Rapids for a job.  Man, it’s been sad and tough.  But you understand, don’t you? Needless to say I’ve felt less than inspired to write you a letter about sad things.  I only want to share my best stories with you!

And with that…. Look how fun my weekend has been, Blog! Mister came out for a long weekend visit and we had a blast.  We biked over to our good friends new fabulous apartment.  Wow, it really inspired me to bump up my craftiness.  And we wentout for some semi-okay sushi!  And a bird pooped on my head!  Okay, so I hear that’s good luck…. But I’m still waiting on the luck from it.  And we went to Target where I bought a picnic basket for my rear rack.  I’m so excited to carry stuff in it! (We even transported 2 pies, 2 beers, plates, glasses, and a blanket on my bike yesterday).

Fantastic Basket!

Fantastic Basket!

Wowee.  Then, yesterday, we had a fun dinner party in the park that we biked to.  And we baked pies! Mmm!  I was a little apprehensive about the pies since I’m not amazing at them but guess what! That all changed yesterday!  I made a super tasty rhubarb pie and Johnboy made a yummy mixed berry pie.  I can make pie now! See!

Rhubarb Pie with a Crumble Top

Super Cute Mixed Berry Pie

Now my mister just left for the week with Ashdog.  Man, I’m going to be lonely.  But I get to go to Toronto for work so it won’t be a complete depression pit.   But I’m going to get going for now, Blog.  I’ll write to you again soon!




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