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Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

On rainy days like we’ve been having lately, I like to look at photos of better times.

Like so:

Not to mention the fact that this face is so ridiculously cute here.  Whereas today, he smells like his insides are made of poop.

But not everyday in Chicago can be perfect weather with walks to shops and fun trips to the park.  No, we have to have some pooey days to make us appreciate the good days more.  So here are some ways to take full advantage of the gloomy days:

  • Play board games.  Granted, we rarely play board games just the two of us.
  • Watch movies. Netflix is a godsend.
  • Snuggle with stink mouth mcgoo and take an afternoon nap.
  • Update your blog that has been missing you dearly.
  • Read comic books.  Or even regular books if you’re so inclined.
  • Catch up on TV shows you’ve been missing.
  • BAKE!  I need to get some cookies out of my creative system and onto the baking sheet.

That’s really all that I can even imagine doing right now.  Those things listed above.  I’ve already had quite the productive morning meeting some lovely ladies of Chicago for a nice bike brunch.  It was fantastic to meet new people and even ride in the rain, though in the future I would not recommend a silk skirt and leather jacket. No no.  But now I can relax completely knowing that I’ve already had a busier Sunday than usual.

What do you do when the weather forces you indoors on the weekend?


April 25, 2010 at 5:44 pm 2 comments

Elijah Wood is Not in Free Willy

While riding the bus home today I saw a cute little gray squirrel.  And, being me, I immediately thought about how cool it would be if that squirrel was really a wizard teaching a younger wizard about magic.


Nothing says “Be my friend – I’m normal” like admitting that you think about life in terms of cartoons.

That’s something that I’m really bad at by the way.  The whole, keeping my weird (awesome) personality in check around new people.  And it makes it sort of hard to find friends when you put all of your less socially accepted traits on the table.

Like “Oh hey, I talk about poop.”  I’ve become known as someone who takes the joke one step past everyone else and into the uncomfortable zone.  I think part of it is because I’m nervous about people liking me so I tend to blather on about what I find funny.
News flash – what I find funny is only funny if you’re anything like me.  And there are very few people like that.

So here’s some go to topics not to mention when trying to fit in and get invited out to lunch with your new acquaintances:


-Comic books

-Apparently how awesome it is to build forts

-your social insecurities

-The conversation you had with your 12 year old sister about ‘sexting’

-How much money you spent on video games and pizza vs. how much other people spend on trainers

One day, I’ll find people in Chicago who are completely AWESOME.  Like myself.  (other than the few I do already know).  I guess I could add extreme modesty to a list of traits I don’t possess.  Hmm.

March 25, 2010 at 1:45 am 2 comments

Knit – purl – knit – purl

Today…Today has been surprisingly wonderful.  First of all, how cool is it that we had an earthquake here in Chicago? Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be cool if anything bad actually came of it but it’s still exciting to me.

We’re not exactly “snowed in” like the east coast of the US but we got a bit of snow last night.  Our cars are both supremely stuck in their parking spaces for the time being and we’re lacking the motivation to take the L downtown.

So we’ve been settling into our new digs.  Snuggling on the sofa watching whatever our antennae will let us on the TV.  Which usually results in movie night.  Movies are great for knitting scarves.  In case you were curious about the best time to knit – it’s during a movie you’ve already seen.

I figure this scarf should be done by the time I start work next week.  And it’s quite soft and cozy so the sooner the better.  So, today was going well.  I was knitting up a storm and the cable/internet guy was scheduled to come out later to set everything up.  But then, while I was taking a photo of my progress, the guy called and said he could come sooner! YES! Internet! Score!

And then…John checked the mail.  I was already in my happy mode what with the cable/internet being bumped up. But then my lover bursts through the door (well, that’s not excactly accurate) and announces that our Amazon orders are here – a full day early! Wow.

So, that picture is the amazingness of my day in a nutshell. Plus the internet, which I’m using to write this post.  Oh boy.

February 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm 4 comments

Scruff McGruff is in Hiding

We’re all settled into life here in Chicago.  Well,  as settled as we can be for being here for a week.  Which, if you know me at all, means we’re unpacked and have all the decor set just right.

I’m ready for visitors.  I wish I could have a housewarming party.  I’ve always kind of had an urge to have one but never really ended up putting plans into motion.  Now that we’re so doggone far away from everyone it’s even more difficult.  For now you’ll just have to stare at this photo of our dining room and pretend that you’re here sipping on a drink that’s way too strong and having a grand old time.

By the way, I haven’t had a strong drink since we’ve been here.  Just drinking beers if you believe that or not.  Drinking beers and hanging out.  That’s what I’m doing until I start my glamorous new Chicago job next week.  That and eating a ton.

Speaking of which, when in a new city Yelp can be your best friend.  I’ve yet to find a Ritz Koney alternative but we’re doing okay on the exploring front.  I’m loving this cheap hot dog joint down the street from us.

We’re just looking forward to spring time when life gets a lot more happening around these parts.  And visitors begin to ooze in the front door.  I’m not sure why you’re oozing in, but you are.  And now I have a terrible mental image. Ew.

On that note….I’m going to go live my glamorous new life wherein I help John play video games.

February 8, 2010 at 5:19 pm 2 comments

We Need More Boxes

Guess what I find super stressful. Moving.

I hate packing.  I hate organizing what should go in what boxes with what.  I hate not knowing what I might need in the next week and therefore should leave unboxed.

But I’ve found out something way worse than just your typical move.  And that is the Mystery Move.  That’s right folks, I have NO IDEA where I’m moving at the end of this week.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting this fantastic job that I have a final interview for on Wednesday.  It sounds like this company and I would get along and want to be faithful forever and ever.  And I felt really comfortable there.  I hope having a final interview and a job shadow is a good sign.

Good enough to make me feel okay about setting up apartment viewings in Chicago on Wednesday morning.  Did I mention this perfect job is in Chicago? Mannnn.  Talk about a dream situation.

But the most important point is this: OUR LEASE IS UP ON SUNDAY.

That’s right. Sunday.  Just a mere four days after an interview that I’m planning on acing.

Oh, and Thursday is John’s birthday.  Yeah.  So much to do.

So, cross your fingers and your toes and whatever else you can cross that I get this job.  Otherwise we’re both moving back home to separate homes and sad times.  Womp womp.

Here’s the plan.  Sell all furniture (pretty much done). Pack all shit into boxes.  Minimize crying.  Eat Ho-hos.  Drink all liquor in freezer.  No, seriously, don’t cry.  Purge stuff that you no longer need.  Plan a good day for John.  Kick ass in final interview.  Get job.  Move to Chicago.  STOP CRYING.  Eat another Ho-ho.


January 26, 2010 at 1:44 am 3 comments

I want to go to there….again

mmmm. Chicago...

mmmm. Chicago...

I’m not sure if you know this, but I have a fairly addictive personality.

What I mean to say is that I get really into things and then I go all out with them.  It’s why I refuse to smoke or do drugs.  Because I’d become addicted. Fast.

Well, about a week ago, mister and I went to Chicago. The windy city. And it was completely fantastic.

Thus, I’m addicted to the idea of leaving my life here and starting again there.  Buying new furniture. Selling the car. Riding my bike. Snuggling and eating chili by our new ficticious fireplace. Yep.

I’ve looked at apartments daily this week. For no real good reason since we can’t move anytime soon, if at all.  I think I’m addicted to moving as well. I get settled somewhere and find something better.  I’ve lived in Grand Rapids for 9 months and already been in two different apartments.

I also fully imagine this life to have all of my friends and close family transplanted as well.  Yep, you’re all moving to Chicago, deal? Deal. See you there. 🙂

June 22, 2009 at 2:29 am 2 comments


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