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A Family Affair

Bike Family

This is our bike family.

It’s not going to get any bigger any time soon and that’s okay with me (for once).

Starting left to right, here we go:

Lil Hidalgo – Worksman Folding Bicycle.  This little guy is deceiving.  He’s ridiculously heavy for a folding bike, making it illogical to travel with on public transportation.  But we rarely take public transportation.

Main points – He folds up for easy storage and semi easy travel.  He provides a smooth ride for our guests who may not normally want to ride a bike.  He has coaster brakes, which have proven to be a foreign concept.  And he has fenders and a rack, making him highly capable of pizza delivery to our patio.

Fiona – This is my darling love, Fiona, the Raleigh LTD-3 that we all know so well.  I found this bike when hunting for a bike for Johnpants and I called on her instantly.  She was a steal at $50 and is the best bike for me at this time.  Very little damage or rust or blemishes at all.  And look at those fenders! Hoo doggie!!  I added the gorgeous wicker basket and the leather saddle bag was a great birthday present from my mister.  Since this photo I’ve added a brass bell from Velo Orange. Erich really helped out by fixing her up for me and now I can’t imagine my days without her.

Just yesterday I rode her to the doctor. It was sublime.  But then it turned out that I forgot my key to my ulock.  I about had a panic attack worrying about her fate not locked to anything.  Luckily, the pharmacy let me store her inside with minimal jokes. She was safe! Huzzah for strangers!

Felix – This is John’s Fuji Special Racer that I bought him for our 2 year anniversary.  He previously had a Schwinn Racer that wasn’t quite his style.  Since upgrading to this beast, he can take hills with ease (much more ease than Fiona).  He’s a fast lil bugger – Perfect for my mister.

Our bike family is perfect for us. How about yours?


August 20, 2009 at 11:25 pm 6 comments


Last Thursday was a great day.  It was like a Friday for the mister and I since we both took Friday off.  To celebrate, we took Miss Sampants out for sushi and a bike ride.

Sam Rides Hidalgo

Hidalgo, the folding guest bike, proved only semi intimidating for Sam.  Coaster brakes are not natural past the age of 7 to me.

Fiona and IThe lovely Fiona and I were ready to roll after a filling fishy meal.  Despite a slight hesitation to be in photos that I soon got over.

Johnboy ridesJohnboy just wanted to get on the road.  He was not having this photo safari.

ShwooomEventually he gave in to the fun and became our photographer extraordinaire. It was a blast….as you can see.



Panda John

And that’s the end of the end of the week bike adventure.  This week looks less promising for the evening rides, what with the rain and all.

August 17, 2009 at 11:29 pm 5 comments

Urge to Splurge Subdued

Let’s do a comparitive shopping analysis, shall we?

Miz Mooz - RandiThis gorgeous boot is made by Miz Mooz, I found it at (btw…Check that store out) when searching for some leathery riding boots for fall.  Granted, I was looking in the summer because of a recent fascination with them, but still.  I was in love.

Now, these boots cost roughly $100…on sale.  That’s a lot of money.  You can see the conundrum I was faced with.  Still, I struggled for months. And then one day, they no longer had my size so my problem was solved.

Not quite.  I still desparately wanted a pair of riding boots.  I had this mental image of myself in them, riding Fiona around Grand Rapids in the chilly weather.  Watching the leaves change.  Eating sushi.  Oh life is grand in my mental images.

And then BAM! It hit me like a truck.  Browsing on, I saw what I considered to be a contender for fall boothood.

Old Navy BootWhat do you think? I think they’re great! And at $35 they’re an obvious deal.  So, miss Sam and I went out to the local Old Navy shop and there they were.  Very adorable.  In my size and everything!  I opted to get the darker brown color since I do already have a light brown boot.

Man, when I got them home and really tried them on, I was doubly sold.  They’re super cute with jeans.  I’ll need to practice wearing them with tights and dresses.   And now my feet are toasty in my cold, cold office! Everyone wins! Well, I win…

August 7, 2009 at 2:59 pm 4 comments

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.


Fiona – Taken by Erich

Let me get this straight.

There are those of you who do not enjoy riding bikes, correct?

As someone who used to scoff at the idea of riding a bike as a form of transportation anywhere but on a bike trail or college campus, I can relate. But as of late, as many of you know, I’ve become enthralled with the idea of riding a bike wearing adorable little outfits and going downtown for drinks and the like.

Mostly, I want to ride my bike to the farmer’s market.

So, a little while ago, I finagled my mom into trading us two bikes. We haven’t ridden them terribly often but when we have, it’s been fun and plenty worthwhile.

Well, mister was looking for a new old bike on Craigslist like mad and had enlisted me to his search party. He was looking for a Schwinn Varsity after having his stolen a year ago. As an avid craiglister, I would check the bike section daily for a bike for him until one day I saw a beautiful bike at a great price.

It was a 1970 something black Raleigh LTD-3. She was beautiful with her fenders and brooks saddle and at the price tag of $50 I knew I had to take a look at her. John and I drove out that very night to check out this deal and I bought her on the spot despite having a few technical problems and me being convinced that she was too tall for my stubby legs. (Oh, John bought a Schwinn from the guy too).

Since bringing her home, I’ve given her to my brother for some sprucing up since he’s the resident bike guru. And now she’s fixed and ready for riding! All she really needs is a beautiful wicker basket for carrying vegetables and maybe chinese take-out. I can’t wait to get her home and ride her. I just hope she’s more comfortable on my lady bits than I remember.

May 11, 2009 at 10:33 pm 6 comments


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