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It’s the Holiday Season

Lola: Not Quite a Showgirl

My time management skills have been somewhat lacking as of late.  Mostly in the sense that I have no idea what day it is or how long it has been since I’ve updated my blog.  (For the record, it’s been too long).

For the holiday, the mister and I drove our two snuggly pets two hours across the state to feast on things like turkey and stuffing.  Well, the animals didn’t eat those things but they joined us on our trek.

Thanksgiving dinner was spent at the familial home of the mister.  Around a warm table of his close family.  And adorable Boston Terriers.

Forgetful Lucy

The evening ended with me not quite sleeping on my dad’s couch, watching American Dreams on DVD until about 1am.  Though I’m usually an expert couch sleeper, I failed to catch any z’s this time around.  Most likely because I knew I had to wake up at 5am for some insane deal hunting.

I must say that hanging out with family while shopping is surprisingly fun.  Due to a lack of sleep on all parts everyone was quite slap happy.

But the BEST part about this past weekend has to be the fact that I got to clean the apartment and decorate for Christmas. Man. I love Christmas.  The apartment looks like magic when it’s all lit up.  Granted, I didn’t photograph all of it, I thought I’d share some of my holiday cheer.

Village People

John's Owl: Amanda's Cupcake ❤

The end.


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