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If you fall in the Fall, you’ll see

Well, Chicago…As much as I enjoy living inside you, sometimes it’s really wonderful to get away.  Back to my roots if you will.

And this weekend allowed for just that.  I took a trip to Grand Rapids for a traditional rite of the season among friends: Pumpkin Carving Weekend.  Even just on the drive in I was getting into it.  The fall colors are amazing in Michigan.  I’ve yet to see them paralleled here.

I took oh so many pictures so I’ll only share a few here but trust me, good times were definitely had.  It was one of those rare long weekends with perfect weather, ample treats, and some beautiful long walks.  I might just split this into a few posts but here is our trip to our favorite cider mill and nearby pumpkin yard.  And what I carved in mine. Hope your weekends were just as splendid!


October 18, 2010 at 3:13 am 6 comments

The Weather Outside is Delightful

Seriously now. It’s completely beautiful outside.

Ash spent the morning begging me to come outside and play.  Finally, at around noontime I gave in and we ventured out.

Since last night’s post, we received a gift of like 3 to 4 more inches of snow.  It’s amazing how fast things can change.  One week ago we were walking around without jackets.  Now I’m bundled up in my new parka, romping around in several inches of snow. What?

Where are my toesies?

I really think that winter is only beautiful when you don’t have to drive in it.  And the fact that Karaoke Friday is in walking distance excites me to no end.  I mean, come on.  Running through the snow with a group of awesome friends while inebriated sounds utterly fantastic, doesn’t it?

Mommm. Can we pleeeease play now?

There’s nothing cuter than my baby, Ash in the winter.  He may be 6 years old now. But that’s not stopping him from acting like a puppy when there’s snow on the ground.

It makes me insanely happy to see him like this.  I think he’s happy I’m home all day to cater to his playful whims.  And to bake cookies that he can sniff.  And to snug.   Mostly to snug.

Baby, it's cold outside.

Seriously, look at this face.

I’m so excited to finally be enjoying seasons that aren’t summer.  I still hate snow when it comes to travel.  And when it gets all slushy and gross.  And when it covers my car.  But right now, it’s not terribly cold.  And there aren’t too many foot prints ruining the blanket of fresh snow.  So I’m happy.

December 4, 2009 at 5:36 pm 6 comments

It’s the Holiday Season

Lola: Not Quite a Showgirl

My time management skills have been somewhat lacking as of late.  Mostly in the sense that I have no idea what day it is or how long it has been since I’ve updated my blog.  (For the record, it’s been too long).

For the holiday, the mister and I drove our two snuggly pets two hours across the state to feast on things like turkey and stuffing.  Well, the animals didn’t eat those things but they joined us on our trek.

Thanksgiving dinner was spent at the familial home of the mister.  Around a warm table of his close family.  And adorable Boston Terriers.

Forgetful Lucy

The evening ended with me not quite sleeping on my dad’s couch, watching American Dreams on DVD until about 1am.  Though I’m usually an expert couch sleeper, I failed to catch any z’s this time around.  Most likely because I knew I had to wake up at 5am for some insane deal hunting.

I must say that hanging out with family while shopping is surprisingly fun.  Due to a lack of sleep on all parts everyone was quite slap happy.

But the BEST part about this past weekend has to be the fact that I got to clean the apartment and decorate for Christmas. Man. I love Christmas.  The apartment looks like magic when it’s all lit up.  Granted, I didn’t photograph all of it, I thought I’d share some of my holiday cheer.

Village People

John's Owl: Amanda's Cupcake ❤

The end.

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I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.


Fiona – Taken by Erich

Let me get this straight.

There are those of you who do not enjoy riding bikes, correct?

As someone who used to scoff at the idea of riding a bike as a form of transportation anywhere but on a bike trail or college campus, I can relate. But as of late, as many of you know, I’ve become enthralled with the idea of riding a bike wearing adorable little outfits and going downtown for drinks and the like.

Mostly, I want to ride my bike to the farmer’s market.

So, a little while ago, I finagled my mom into trading us two bikes. We haven’t ridden them terribly often but when we have, it’s been fun and plenty worthwhile.

Well, mister was looking for a new old bike on Craigslist like mad and had enlisted me to his search party. He was looking for a Schwinn Varsity after having his stolen a year ago. As an avid craiglister, I would check the bike section daily for a bike for him until one day I saw a beautiful bike at a great price.

It was a 1970 something black Raleigh LTD-3. She was beautiful with her fenders and brooks saddle and at the price tag of $50 I knew I had to take a look at her. John and I drove out that very night to check out this deal and I bought her on the spot despite having a few technical problems and me being convinced that she was too tall for my stubby legs. (Oh, John bought a Schwinn from the guy too).

Since bringing her home, I’ve given her to my brother for some sprucing up since he’s the resident bike guru. And now she’s fixed and ready for riding! All she really needs is a beautiful wicker basket for carrying vegetables and maybe chinese take-out. I can’t wait to get her home and ride her. I just hope she’s more comfortable on my lady bits than I remember.

May 11, 2009 at 10:33 pm 6 comments


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