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On the radio…ah oh

Every morning, during my 20 minute drive to work, I tune into a local radio station for some unknown reason.  I suppose the best reason I can supply is that I need to hear traffic reports and that’s the only station that I know will give one right away when I get on the road.

Now, the reason I’m defending my reason for listening to this station is that it’s an AWFUL station.  It’s one of those stations that loves to play new music that sucks and mix it with old music that also sucks.  They claim to be an “American Idol Station”, which doesn’t sound like much of a selling point to me.   They talk about Paula Abdul constantly and rave on and on about people like David Cook and that kid from Kalamazoo.

Not only that, but they talk about God….a lot.  Which annoys me for some reason. Maybe it’s that at 8am I don’t particularly want to hear about how a celebrity is great because they’re a Christian, not because they’re actually a good person.

And they talk about celebrities all the time too.  But they claim to be better than a tabloid…which I don’t understand since they get their info from tabloids, but whatever.   And they know nothing about the people they talk about. They mispronounced Stephen Colbert’s name the other day….ugh.

So, I was talking about this awful radio station to my mister and explaining that I would argue with them about things they get wrong and he had to stop me.  Apparently, arguing with a radio at 8am is silly.  And I do it daily. I listen to these middle-age weirdos talking about American Idol, and I argue with them and tell them how stupid they’re being. That’s right. I’m really mature.

But I think that’s the real reason why I listen to this god awful station.  I like talking to people while I drive. And as a Zechar, I absolutely love to argue!  So I recommend finding an awful radio station if you’re bored in the car.  It’s good to have a pick me up when you’re feeling low and can listen to someone that makes you feel awesome in comparison. Yep.

105.7 blows.


June 4, 2009 at 8:20 pm 4 comments


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