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Doobie doo wop!

Ahh! Disappointment! Neglect!

I really feel as though I’ve been slacking in my blog updates as of late.  The truth is, I’ve been kind of busy.  And by “kind of” I mean super.

But, alas, my busy-ness will be slowing now that Nick and Kat’s wedding has come and gone (which may be written about later, with photos).

However, I AM crazy busy right this moment….because I’m at work.  I’m taking my 15 minute break (which I rarely remember to take) to reach out to you and let you know you’re missed.

So as to not completely bore you with my apologies and ill feelings about abandonment I’ll share with you a list.  This is going to be a list of things I clearly love (based on what I can find in my cubicle).

1.) My Mister. There’s a very adorable picture of us on my desk that I get to see often.

2.) Cream Soda. There are 5 glass bottles emptied of this stuff. 2 different brands (I recommend Henry Weinhard’s).

3.) Corgis. Namely, Ash.

4.) Colorful pens for doodling.

5.) Post it notes.

6.) Hidden candy treasures.

7.) My phone. It’s much prettier now that I’ve removed the cover.

8.) Printouts that make me seem important. Such as ebay awards and the like.
There, all better. You’ve gotten your fix!


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