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Spooky Times

While I was in Michigan for the weekend, John had to kick me out of the apartment for a while.  I guess his landlord has something against adorable animals that aren’t Wednesday the cat.

Needless to say, this left me destinationless with a dog so we went for a nice long walk.  The weather was really nice and the trees were lovely so we obviously had to get creepy.

It’s not my fault that I get so wrapped up in holidays and feel the need to take a stroll past the cemetary. Man, that came out wrong.  Well, either way we walked by a cemetary and I’ve always been super intrigued by them and the stories of the people in them but dogs aren’t allowed so we were perimeter bound.  Here’s what we saw!


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If you fall in the Fall, you’ll see

Well, Chicago…As much as I enjoy living inside you, sometimes it’s really wonderful to get away.  Back to my roots if you will.

And this weekend allowed for just that.  I took a trip to Grand Rapids for a traditional rite of the season among friends: Pumpkin Carving Weekend.  Even just on the drive in I was getting into it.  The fall colors are amazing in Michigan.  I’ve yet to see them paralleled here.

I took oh so many pictures so I’ll only share a few here but trust me, good times were definitely had.  It was one of those rare long weekends with perfect weather, ample treats, and some beautiful long walks.  I might just split this into a few posts but here is our trip to our favorite cider mill and nearby pumpkin yard.  And what I carved in mine. Hope your weekends were just as splendid!

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