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Elijah Wood is Not in Free Willy

While riding the bus home today I saw a cute little gray squirrel.  And, being me, I immediately thought about how cool it would be if that squirrel was really a wizard teaching a younger wizard about magic.


Nothing says “Be my friend – I’m normal” like admitting that you think about life in terms of cartoons.

That’s something that I’m really bad at by the way.  The whole, keeping my weird (awesome) personality in check around new people.  And it makes it sort of hard to find friends when you put all of your less socially accepted traits on the table.

Like “Oh hey, I talk about poop.”  I’ve become known as someone who takes the joke one step past everyone else and into the uncomfortable zone.  I think part of it is because I’m nervous about people liking me so I tend to blather on about what I find funny.
News flash – what I find funny is only funny if you’re anything like me.  And there are very few people like that.

So here’s some go to topics not to mention when trying to fit in and get invited out to lunch with your new acquaintances:


-Comic books

-Apparently how awesome it is to build forts

-your social insecurities

-The conversation you had with your 12 year old sister about ‘sexting’

-How much money you spent on video games and pizza vs. how much other people spend on trainers

One day, I’ll find people in Chicago who are completely AWESOME.  Like myself.  (other than the few I do already know).  I guess I could add extreme modesty to a list of traits I don’t possess.  Hmm.


March 25, 2010 at 1:45 am 2 comments

Oh, etsy.


When I was younger, my mom had this ugly brown bowl.  I mean….I hated it. Why would you want to eat out of something brown? That was my logic as a kid.

Well, as it turns out, my mom was onto something with that brown bowl.  It was Pyrex and it was classic and I would love to have it now. But not brown.

Thanks to the internet and garage sales, my dream can become a reality!  Lately I’ve been obsessed with vintage housewares and things that are Danish Modern and very 1960s. Or 50s. Or 70s.  I’m not sure which decade it is that I like.

A few weekends ago I stumbled across a fantastic butter yellow Pyrex dish with a warming tray at a garage sale.  I have no real use for it, but I had to have it.  It fits the mental image I have of my ideal home.

One great place to find a hidden treasure is Etsy.  My advice is to be careful though.  Always message a seller before making a purchase if you’re at all uneasy about something.

Don’t just assume something is junk based on the quality of the picture or the low price.  Sometimes people who take bad pictures don’t know how great the item is that they have on their hands and you can get a great deal!  And sometimes the pictures in a store can really draw you in even though the item isn’t actually as great as the photography makes it seem.

So if you’re in the market for a casserole dish or serving tray and you haven’t come across it at your local garage sales, check Etsy.  But if you find anything Avocado Green…send me a link. I just love that stinking color.

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I’m a doctor, not a physicist!

It’s a very rare occasion when I win something from a drawing.

Considerably more rare is the idea that I could win something totally awesome.

Well, the fates were with me one morning about a week ago when my mister woke me up saying, “Get up. I need you to enter to win something.”  Eventually his plan worked and I was awake enough to send the local news station my name and information in order to win Star Trek pre-screen tickets for four.

Cut to about an hour later and I’m receiving a phone call telling me I’m awesome and that they couldn’t bear to not give me the tickets. (Or something to that affect I’m sure).  That’s right folks, I won tickets to see the new Star Trek movie 2 days before it was going to be screening nationwide.  A movie I’d pay to see anyway.  Awesome!

Wednesday finally arrived and I was so excited to get to me freebie that I actually had to leave work 15 minutes early just to contain my joy.  (Or because I was told to be there really early).  Will, Sam, John and I hurried off to Alpine to partake in Qdoba and a free movie a mear 1.5 hours before the film was to begin.

Sitting in a theater full of a grand assortment of people was interesting, to say the least.  There were douchebag teens who went crazy on the reserved seating for the press and were met with my taunts.  And there were smelly, smelly superfans who were almost too large to move over so a family could sit together.  And, of course, there was us.  A true pack of hip nerds.  (Yeah, I’m hip now. I have bangs).

Right as Miss Sam was getting ready to demand the movie start, the lights dimmed and the crowd went mostly quiet.  It was so exciting!

Now, I would love to do what I do best and ruin the experience for you by divulging too many details, but I’ll refrain.  I’ll just give you my impression.

It. was. AWESOME. Honestly, I really liked it a lot.  I didn’t necessarily think I’d enjoy it nearly as much as I did.  I swear, I could have peed my pants from excitement and too much soda.  There was even a point that Sam and I were so tense that we held hands.  Pretty intense.

I can feel details working there way through my system and down to my finger tips so I’m going to go ahead and stop myself now.  But I leave you with my recommendation:  See this movie.

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