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Oh, etsy.


When I was younger, my mom had this ugly brown bowl.  I mean….I hated it. Why would you want to eat out of something brown? That was my logic as a kid.

Well, as it turns out, my mom was onto something with that brown bowl.  It was Pyrex and it was classic and I would love to have it now. But not brown.

Thanks to the internet and garage sales, my dream can become a reality!  Lately I’ve been obsessed with vintage housewares and things that are Danish Modern and very 1960s. Or 50s. Or 70s.  I’m not sure which decade it is that I like.

A few weekends ago I stumbled across a fantastic butter yellow Pyrex dish with a warming tray at a garage sale.  I have no real use for it, but I had to have it.  It fits the mental image I have of my ideal home.

One great place to find a hidden treasure is Etsy.  My advice is to be careful though.  Always message a seller before making a purchase if you’re at all uneasy about something.

Don’t just assume something is junk based on the quality of the picture or the low price.  Sometimes people who take bad pictures don’t know how great the item is that they have on their hands and you can get a great deal!  And sometimes the pictures in a store can really draw you in even though the item isn’t actually as great as the photography makes it seem.

So if you’re in the market for a casserole dish or serving tray and you haven’t come across it at your local garage sales, check Etsy.  But if you find anything Avocado Green…send me a link. I just love that stinking color.


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Old is the new…new…

Vintage Raleigh Poster

Lately, I’ve been completely fascinated by all things old timey.  (Yes, old timey is a phrase now).

I love my bike more than most other things I own.  It’s classic and beautiful with it’s black frame (that matches everything) and adorable wicker basket (for carrying flowers and food).   My recent obsession with old bikes has got me thinking  about my personal style.

Well, not my fashion sense persay.  Moreso my home decor.   My most recent life change of the moment to focus on is the idea of moving to Chicago and attending the French Pastry School.  Selling off the majority of our belongings and buying new old furniture from Craigslist and yard sales upon arrival.  Yes, I understand that this is a fantasy completely not based in my reality, but that’s why it’s there.  I dare to dream of a life full of baking and kitschy home decor.

I love things that look old. That are old.  I want club chairs in tweedy fabrics and couches that have simple lines and long lasting durability.  I want to buy fun kitchen stuff that isn’t practical by any means but looks great on my shelf/table/etc.  Try looking on etsy in the vintage: housewares section and not falling in love with classic pieces. Go ahead.  I dare you.

In other news, I’ve decided I need to do more fun things like doodling (see above) and baking (see my grocery list).  I plan on baking some cookies tonight/tomorrow and having them be tasty.  Also, my mister and I will be traveling to Chicago at the end of the week for a long weekend.  This is ridiculously exciting since I’ve never been there.  But scary in the sense that I don’t know where to do awesome things.  Any suggestions?

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