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Bon Jour my sweets.

Let me preface this entry with the inevitable apology for getting caught up in the holidays.

…no. I can’t apologize for such a thing.  Without the holidays where would I, the queen of theme, be?  I love Christmas.

I love going home to bake cookies with my family (ladies only) and then enjoying the fine work for the following week.  I’m sad to report that I didn’t take any photos of the cookie filled weekend I had since I had no memory card at the time.  However, we’re back in business now and things are moving along at a nice clip.

So, how was your respective holiday? Mine was fantastic.  Let’s leave it at that for now as I’m sure my upcoming posts will surely demonstrate the wonderful gifts I’ve received.

But oh ho ho (picture that as a deep French sounding laugh). What’s thees? (this is my typed out French accent.  Keep up.)

I have some peectures yet for you to see.

Behold zee death of any diet plans een our future.  Zee deep fryer!  And to explain my accent:

Deelicious beignets.  French doughnuts! (okay I’m done with the accent thing.  It is too hard.)

These babies were AMAZING.  A great first choice for my newest appliance.  Based on the success of this endeavor I’m greatly looking forward to deep frying some empanadas for my New Year’s Eve party. mmm.

I plan on having a wonderous time.  You should too!


December 29, 2009 at 5:01 am 4 comments

Sunday Dinner

As with most of my stories, this one has a familiar beginning:

When I was a kid….

We used to have pizza every single Saturday. Saturday was Pizza Night.  Clearly we were healthy kids.

Well, on Sundays, my mom used to go all out and cook a really well rounded meal.  Some sort of meat. Pork chops. Meatloaf. Or the most common, pot roast.  Then we’d have some starches.  Mashed potatoes. Scalloped potatoes. Basically lots of potatoes. There would be rolls. And sliced cucumbers (though she doesn’t eat anything green – ever).  And corn. And a glass of milk.

It’s possible I’m forgetting something but you get the gist of it – there was some serious home cooking going down.  And it was fantastic.  Pretty much the only time my family ate together at the table.

So, when I remembered this fond memory last week I set out to recreate it for John and I.  Let’s see. There were super tasty, well seasoned steaks (courtesy of John).  Seasoned redskin potatoes baked in my snazzy vintage Pyrex (though next time we’ll cook them longer). And a new favorite of mine – asparagus tips.

Enjoy our Sunday dinner.

I really missed out on some tasty green foods as a kid.

I really missed out on some tasty green foods as a kid.

Smokin steaks anyone?

Smokin steaks anyone?

Really, potatoes? Do you have to be so tasty?

Really, potatoes? Do you have to be so tasty?

October 14, 2009 at 1:31 am 8 comments


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